Runtime: 21 minutes
Langauge: Finnish
Subtitles: English
Sound mix: stereo
Format: 4K DCP

I did this film as a final assignment of a 2nd semester at BFM Documentary film MA program. This film goes to the infamous category of “Therapy films”. I was about not to screen this film at all after a bit difficult spring. I’m still kinda sceptic about showing the film, but as the evaluation jury was so warm hearted, I’m encouraged to do so.
“A Therapy Film”. A very dynamic approach to film-making. Multiple narratives that capture the anxiety of the times. The film had a difficult starting point. Despite the choice to point the camera at oneself that could easily come off as pretentious, the director achieves a depth that absolves it and lifts the film from just a personal experience, although it strongly uses all the benefits of the director's idiosyncrasies “Frogs...” is an interesting juxtaposition between the two worlds: through Pepe we witness a childlike wonder of the unknown in contrast with Ville's anxiety when facing the similar uncertainty. The film language is playful and imaginative and through the editing process a good balance has been achieved between the three characters. In this madness or playfulness, there's another possible layer of kids fighting their parents’ fights, be it with a sword or a gun. “Frogs” is a unique family portrait that works as a sign of our times. It manages to touch something profound with an entertaining and light-hearted twist.